Misc. to the Droids

I realized today what a variety of people have played into this vigilantism.What else could bring Republicans, Democrats, all these blue collar workers, soccer moms, volleyball moms and dads………….farmers, plumbers, USPS (doesn’t matter if you really do something, just driving by to cause harassment. for you I think it is a federal crime. The whole sign the pledge to uphold the Constitution of the United States), FedEX, painters, landscapers, window washers……all together? One thing………………I don’t even have to say what it is. Not sure if there are many doctors and lawyers out there. Just saying………..I could be wrong. Maybe some Dr. Phils but a real mental health worker would know how CRAZY this is………………though…………at work?   Like I said somewhere else, I will take a lie detector test, but some of my coworkers wouldn’t. Mr. Smiles and Ms. Prim and Proper for example. Though there are pro Hillary supporters among you – according to the bumper stickers………….I have a feeling that many of you were pro Trump. Wow! Homeland Security BELIEVERS. Our government can do no wrong and why not as you have nothing to hide (until someone makes something up or you turn away from this group). Willing to break the laws of the state and the United States. A few willing to physically cross state borders to harass (Civil Rights violations and law), to use the internet or phone to commit a crime – that is also a U.S. law……………….to risk the freedoms that many have fought for – go ahead and bring out the Mom of a Vet or actual Vet sign. You just lost the right to bear that cross. You broke the law! I have not broken any laws – well there were a few traffic issues. But…………..YOU HAVE BROKEN THE LAW, but hide behind your hats and sunglasses and leaning all the way back in your seats, letting your blond hair hide your face (Mostly Caucasian faces – white not Hispanic Caucasian – Now I will see more). AND did you hold deportation over that scared Spanish speaking couple with the new baby?  Not a lick of English. You are HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE people, but so righteous right? And teaching your young the tricks of the trade. Horrible self righteous liars and thieves. Pinched faced (seriously). Why don’t you become a big brother or sister or something? Do you know how many of my kids only have one parent in their lives? Whoa. The most needy of the kids and one parent seems to run away…………………….do some good with that self righteous time you have on your hands! THAT is what you are afraid on now, right? This harassment that make you feel so just and rewarded might really be a sham…………In my case it is. In any case this is just plain Un AMERICAN!

What could make people break laws, spend so much time driving out of their way – or just close by – unexpectedly? You got it. What would make some of these people believe something about a person just by word of mouth? Yep. Helps if some of the word of mouth people are high up in church groups or are in law enforcement. Liars, thieves, harassers, burglars, robbers (my keys)…………..theft of a controlled substance. You know Ambien? Yep, controlled substance. Have to show I.D. Break HIPA law by speaking really loudly about which meds I am picking up. The brown haired clean cut kid in the local Trader Joe’s who sliced through  package of frozen chicken before putting it in the bag. Had to be him. The dark haired checker and friend at Sprouts. I think I will get one of those amulets that takes pictures. Oooh.

  • Hey y’all! Really stupid to do this across state lines. KOA. Oh! Though using the internet is also stupid and is a phone a computer? One of these days……………one of these days……one of you will take video, take notes, find a way to get this noticed. Won’t be easy with all the crazy reports that get circulated. In fact. I’m doing exactly what you want a survivor to do – spend time  and energy on the tom foolerly. Making a document that makes one look crazy, looney……….you have no idea what that is. Guess what? I have stared at death a few times………………go for it. Rock and roll and roll and roll…………………..just one person. Though they probably know that this would be used on them. Maybe someone who is really ill and wants to right the wrongs……………..the deaths that might have been caused…………..because of the droids, the ants, the drones. Self righteous bad actors. That’s all folks!
  • Yes, I saw the droid at the park. He looked over when he got in the car at the same time I was getting in the car. Big Whoop De Doo!
  • The old lady in the car at Taco Bell. Made a sign like I would take a pic. She looked chagrined/self righteous. rightgrinned. I like that. Charight?
  • Reason people don’t see this is they may be going somewhere like around the square in Sebastopol at Christmas. It seems to be crowded for the time of  night and the day of the week, but so what? It was interesting watching these people go round and round like they were on a Merry Go Round. Not that I pay that much attention. I can compartmentalize.
  • Oh, and the lady near the desk. Keep trying to get me to believe others are involved. Maybe, maybe not. Self Righteous are you? Signed an oath.
  • As did any police officers or sheriffs who know something is up, but look the other way. OR the two Napa boys.
  • I’ve been to big truck rallies. Boys (and girls) and their toys. Been on a road where women inmates piled up rocks to make it harder for people to use (big horn sheep). Get out, adjust it for one vehicle, then the other. Been on the White Rim Trail in my late 20’s or early 30’s. or is it Rim of the World. I will have to check. Love the ads for Utah. Yes, it is a popular destination. Met a guy…….can’t remember his handle…………mine was salsa. Rusty Nail. He told us where to go to get out of the heat. Is thet the La Sals? have a heck of a time remembering some things, but others………….easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  • Why the African American ladies when a few stunts pulled? And the poor boy behind me at the march. I pivoted to find my sister (she didn’t have her phone with her) and he looked scared to death. Who is causing kids problems? Frightening them? Geez Louis.
  • 7A7 5511    Baja………………..   Subaru red                      Silk truck or silke truck  7A 9511 or 8511

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