Those Websites Regarding Other Types of Harassment – Mostly to Make Us Look Crazy – Are they made popular by the number of clicks they get. And where are the post 2013 sites?

Just want to post about an observation. There are a LOT of sites about gangstalking and brighting and cause stalking and …………….that mention really crazy things (like these aren’t crazy enough, right). There may be a few or small percentage of people out there who really are having physical things done to their environment – and that has to be horrible (electrical zaps or chemicals or????). However, I believe that MOST of those crazy sites are set up to keep the whole idea of gangstalking in the “they are totally bonkers) category. There are also enough do gooders out there to click on the bonkers sites to keep those at the top of the search engines. I see the same sites that were there in 2013 and those are still at the top.

Don’t trust sites. I don’t trust people who reply here. Sad, as I am a very trusting person. You read those sites and there are a few supporters and then the responses showing how crazy these people are. Also, there are people who post videos of brighting. Major fail or made to look crazy. These do gooders are all over – in my case do gooders this time around. Evil do gooders – except for those in the know and who steal medications……….but maybe the do gooders know all about this. They must get such a sense of satisfaction thinking that they are helping rid the world of “these” people. Evil do gooders? Some of you sure play the part well. Make nice and then steal or get a chatty person to talk. Strange world YOU live in. VERY, VERY SAD world if you have to get your joy from doing this to people. Breaking the law. Thinking you are above the law and the Bible and the ten commandments? Yep. I have read the whole Bible cover to cover.

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