Stupidity and Ignoring the Constitution by Vigilantes – Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

East Germany – that is where many of these gaslighting techniques have been used. No touch harassment/torture was developed in East Germany when the East German military/government didn’t want to be known for having people disappear in the night or appear battered and bruised. No touch harassment was very successful. After all it was used from the 1960’s until 1989 when the wall fell down. It was an army partly consisting of civilians telling on others. Telling on friends, fiances anyone who was talking about going to the west.

Oh, the No Touch Harassment is also referred to as No Touch Torture. Here is a site with a lot of links to sites regarding zersetzen, which is the No Touch Torture under Stasi rule.

So, East German then, and North Korea today. What don’t these modern day citizen vigilantes don’t understand? You are usurping the laws that are set up to make us the country we are. In this day and age, in particular, you should get that anyone could use these techniques to circumvent the justice system and the Constitution of the United States – including our government. I hear people say, “Well, I don’t have anything to hide.” Well, neither do I, but rumors, “evidence”, squelching someone who knows about a churches use of Zersetzen…………….and here I am. I crossed the wrong person and have an ex spouse who was gaslighting me for years. With physical weird things and mostly a psychological form of gaslighting (now recognized by counselors).

Why not come forward with your evidence. The only thing I can figure out is that they are told that the “victim” doesn’t want to come forward. Really? Judge and jury. Anna has been in a mental hospital twice – for bipolar depression. Despite what you hear in the media, most bipolar people function just fine, thank you very much – well, maybe not most, but a lot of us do. Particularly when your personality is set and you are 42 years old. Really? We used to call it, “mental breakdown”. Look into your past and I am sure all of you have had a relative suffer from a mental breakdown or a nervous breakdown. 2% of the population have bipolar disorder. Really.

Pick your poison – Anna has situations set up to see if she will react. Seriously, you put someone through all this and eventually they will react in some way. Stupidity at is finest. I keep thinking – They will pick on someone who really has a problem. They think they can control the situation, but who gave you the psychiatrist’s license, the police officer’s badge and a seer’s vision (no, no one can see like that)? These people really will set someone off and innocent people WILL get hurt. Fortunately, Anna has the patience of Job and a LOT of Quaker in her. AND she is one (okay, here I go, trying to refrain)………She is one HELL of a strong woman/person. She has gone to hell and back quite a few times. When you have stared death and multitudes of other weird life events squarely in the face……………well…………….God doesn’t close on door without opening another, but it can be HELL in the hallway. (hate platitudes, but add this twist and it ain’t bad).

Will Anna go after a certain person or a member of his family? NOT! But, she can guess the type of cars they drive. Will she react to a very, very strange look by a skateboarder. Creepy, creepy. NOT. Will she keep looking at a twenty something or possible missionary in a grocery store sort of following her around. Yes. He was so obviously not shopping. He was definitely strange. Sure he was texting someone something. This type of set up happened in 1997 – son’s swimming teacher – seriously? Other times. Thing is………….you say something about someone – the gossip becomes the lens the person sees things through. A person who enjoys teaching kids and knows getting to know them on a slight personnel level can help reach them. Heck, she got the first thank you from a student the other day after a class earned party. She didn’t have to get mad at the kids making noise and acting up. It was a party. He finally saw that she is human after all…………….and as he left the room, he turned and said, “Thank you.” For him……….that is huge!!!!! I knew a teacher who made a point of going to every one of her student’s games. Oh, something must have been up with her, right? NOT. 1997-2016. Grow up people and stop this foolishness. Don’t let our government have more control AND don’t let this spread. Someone. One of you stand up. Get some (I can’t believe I wrote that) and do something.

All she wanted was a simple life – a home, a few kids…………she got those, but for 20 years……………she just realized that it truly has been 20 years………..she was kept on someone’s radar. Going to pay her back for all the hours and hours she spent at the Cheese Factory trying to make sense of that while her son baby sat her daughter? The Cheese Factory had a pay phone – no cell service back then. You going to give her those minutes back? The very DAY she goes to see a counselor to try to figure what is wrong………….those church vigilantes start up. And yes! That group was a Mormon group . The person they thought was being “stalked” is a Mormon. Yes, MOST of the time she spent was trying to make sense of the harassment she underwent. I’m sure that helped her recovery time – I like sarcasm. No, she just realized how much it added to her recovery time. To get rid of that head floaty thing. Her counselor recommended doing things that were grounding. Running seemed good. Like the preschool except without the little ones to keep tabs on.

And to any policing agency out there. If you think she has a problem with Mormons and haven’t tried to see this type of stalking that is out there…………….you are fools. I know you are there. I read people pretty well and notice when fake conversations are started – maybe not at that moment, but I do catch on. In fact, that acts in my favor. Totally clueless at the time. So trusting. But later the lightbulb goes on.  Why in the hell were Mormons and the election brought up? Geez Louis. And, NO you will not see the harassment unless you are from the area and see the same spot on the same day of the week when Anna was not present AND have a lick of observational skills AND have patience to wait out after you are spotted. AND then, only if you have a fleet of vehicles ready to play the same games so you don’t stick out like a sore thumb. Think this is impossible? Ask someone who really knows tech well. Who has his/her own server, who has knowledge of the dangerous possibilities. There are apps available that allow groups to keep in touch. Imagine – someone drives on the 101, gets an alert (and maybe a picture of a car) and wanders off the freeway and takes a detour. Easy peasy. Just like an Amber alert. And – it disappears. Any of you officers out there have the guts to out this type of harassment? If it hasn’t happened by now, I don’t think so. You were sent some of the letters, right? Right.


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