Normal Vehicle Traffic

You don’t live in an areas for twenty years without becoming familiar with what is normal. I have gone to so many places around this town and the county due to children’s games, work, family events. I’ve been all over at different times of day, different days of the week………..I notice differences. I don’t necessarily pay attention when things are normal, though I am a traveler who can spend hours looking out the window. However, when something is different. I notice.

Before I stated jotting down some information, a number (relatively) of cars at a second school I work at would have their lights on when picking up kids. Didn’t matter the weather. Then, I made it clear that I was jotting down information. This past week……..very, very few lights on. One day a month or two back, I was in a lower parking lot and there were three “parents” standing at the rear of their cars with their arms folded – and appeared to be glaring at me. Now, I would take a picture. It is perfectly legal to take a picture of something/someone in a place that is considered “public”. The person would not expect privacy. I am sure there are exceptions – like classrooms. Many schools have release of information forms where parents give permission on whether the school can take a picture of a student and post it online or such.

Seems like I am revealing a lot, right? Well, I was protecting my kids for a long time and still would, but ………………things change. I was protecting the privacy of a family, but………things change. Not that I would ever publish names. You get pushed and no one is there to help or cannot help……………well………………..

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