No You Are Not Crazy Targeted Individuals, But the Following May be Happening

NEW NEWS TARGETED INDIVIDUALS or, as I prefer, SURVIVORS: I am starting to see some cars up to three times. AND some of the DO go around the town and back again. I saw this orange truck with black flames on it – twice today. I have seen it before. In fact, I even have a picture of it. Yes, there are people who drive off the local freeway, make a detour to go through Petaluma and Sebastopol, but there ARE area people who do this a Lot. It really is smoke and mirrors. Tonight: I was in Sebastopol and decided that maybe I would see if I could find some hidey holes. The ants hidey holes that they crawl out of. Yep…………………a car pulled out of the industrial park leading up the the Barlow. There were a few too many cars in there. Then I started home down the right hand one way going out of town……………made a last minute decision and cut across to the street that forms the right part of the Y. Drove down and cut across. Lo and behold there were a BUNCH of cars down by the main light in town. Finally they moved forward…………….I am not sure if they were sure I was there. See, I turn off my privacy setting on my phone. Wow. 8-10 cars before me after I started following. You should have seen them hop like bunnies and turn off right and left. Petaluma – went to the sports club that just closed. 10:30 at night or so. Wow! At least 6 vehicles in the parking lot. I started recording plates and they all started pulling out one by one…………There was one white van with HH on it. It stayed. The owner was on the phone. The others………………Oh no! NOT! They were blocking my exit. Then finally slowly left. Interesting ……………this one lady went out of her way not to have her plate taken down. I have seen her for sure AT LEAST one other time.

What to Watch Out For or No, You are Not Going Crazy, but Don’t Tell Anyone. If you have anxiety, skim and get the essentials to protect yourself, then peruse later. Do NOT commit any crime – drive by a house twice (where a suspicious car turned in) unless it is on a route you normally take.

Think the number of cars driving around is just absolutely mind boggling. NOT! There are enough people hooked into this Amber Alert type notification that they can take a stroll off of the local freeway. What a waste of time, gas, energy. To think if this (and my) energy could be used in a productive way? Fund raise for whatever group you think you are protecting. Get a life people. Gossip and rumors and bullying is evil. AND YES – I do know that this all sounds nuts, bonkers, crazy…………….but, if I can help just one person.

I had never read the story of the child behind the Amber Alert system. Heart wrenching. Now I know. 20 years and still no justice. The Polly Klaas trial trial was just beginning or in the middle when I moved here 20 years ago. In 1997 I explained part of the vigilantism that I was going through (mild compared to now) as a reaction to this area’s horrible ordeal as far as Polly Klaas. My kids went to her junior high where there is a memorial. There are reminders all around. I will never drive down that street without thinking about about this horror. So, I was able to reconcile the vigilantism somewhat thinking about what happened to this town. Not now that this won’t stop. 1997, 2012/2013, 2016/2017 -? I am a SURVIVOR!

Find a way to take control without doing stupid things. More on that sometimes. EVERYTHING that you are experiencing CAN be explained. Just take some of that on faith. And let Ann do the thinking. This is Ann’s second time with this type of harassment. The first time, she was so stressed and was trying to make sense of things. This time, things just clicked and keeps clicking. They are amateurs and really are not all that smart sometimes (keep telling yourself that – many really aren’t). I’m just going to start telling this in the first person. So much easier when I write my book – kidding – I think.

*********Find a way to get your phone to not act like a GPS. On an iPhone, you can turn both the privacy setting and the wi fi setting to off. Unless you are being harassed by a group that is willing to leave evidence behind………..go to an area off the beaten pathway and drive here and there without your GPS on. You will see a difference. On country roads, there are too many people who won’t drive them.

You have most likely been a victim of gossip, rumors of a very serious nature OR someone close to you recorded your voice or video and someone spliced them together. This is one very powerful church and ALL jobs are held by these members – meaning: lock smiths, car repair, programmers, movie creators/video and sound creators, postal workers, UPS drivers. With me, the Mormon church wants me out of the way because this all started in its infancy 20 years ago and a sheriff has a continuing grudge. Oh – Born again Christians are involved also. I keep seeing cars with fish on them. I have nothing against any religious groups except for those extreme or not so extreme sects that cause harm. Harassment of members or non members and shunning of member and non members IS a crime. I am against groups where a large part of the organization knows this is going on. Not the kids – not yet (meaning that it is just a matter of time for them because they are growing up with their parents being okay with this). CA and U.S.A. crime and I NOW truly believe that almost everyone if not everyone knows the intended outcome – suicide or death in a prison. So Christian of you. Not!

YOU, the survivor WILL get to a stage where, as weird as it sounds, this will become your new normal and the stress will go down. Sing, sing, learn bits of sign language. Don’t pay attention to the people in the cars. Keep in mind that people in cars are anonymous – including YOU – you can sign something – Like, “stupid, idiot” and the only one who might pay attention would be these perps. Sing loud. I sang with the windows down and got the biggest laugh from a man in a car next to me. That was great! HE was normal.

  • Items moved into the refrigerator or out of the refrigerator
  • Items from car show up in living space, or at work, or dropped back into something you are carrying
  • NOTE – these are no touch torture vigilantes. Yours may be different – official group. Think those post are put up to discredit the “more sane” ones like mine – hell, I KNOW this all sounds nuts! That is the idea. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories………..but……………….
  • Things ripped or cut so the hole gets bigger (sheets)
  • You see a whole bunch of cars or trucks of one color. Relax. That too is easy peasy. Get something that color and wear it yourself. Maybe there was a lady in the store the night before with a crazy hat the same color and a large man wearing that color sweatshirt. Not a big deal. Seriously.
  • You see four cars in a row that are very much similar……….boy, do I have a tale to tell, but it is so outlandish. Okay, I heard of one guy who saw four trucks go by all very strange, but different colors. This was before he caught on and started going all different routes. He was way too predictable.
  • PILLS taken. Keep them with you and only get a 30 day supply at a time. Guys will have to look for an appropriate looking “bag”. Say you are OCD because someone stole something from you once.
  • Too many cars around with lights on for that time of day on that road under those conditions. Some have one light out. Many more lights out than normal. Record is 11 in one day. No, it’s easy peasy. Can have this done by anyone who has worked with any simple electrical wiring. One light brighter than another. Left like that or have a switch again to change it. At SFO I made a motion to turn on a switch and a car behind me turned on the light that was off. Ooooh, awww!
  • Think of them as Boggarts from Harry Potter and laugh at their mistakes. Which they will make. Things at work moved. Many fewer or many more copies of pages made than what you would have made. Pages taken from one file and put in another.
  • Public set ups – someone distracts you for a seemingly good purpose – talk to someone new at church. Person behind easily slides purse back and takes out work keys. I was surprised that I would have left my purse part way under the seat. I hadn’t. I am a good Samaritan by nature. Someone needs help these days, I will call 9-1-1 and help if I can keep the handle of my purse held down. I am very serious.
  • Someone in the store takes something out of your cart. Take a picture if you leave the cart and check it before you leave and miss an ingredient.
  • Someone has taken something out of your cart and with the help of a talkative checker, slips it back into the cart after you have already paid.
  • Notes or signs that aren’t real. Like a handmade sign saying that you don’t have to pay that day in a parking garage. I knew it was a stupid note, but it caused the guy at the normally unmanned pay station a lot of headache.
  • Someone says something to put an idea in your head – like the lady at the movie theater telling you that the movie is halfway full, so you grab a seat for your party. At the end of this great movie, the parties on both sides just sit for a LONG time – a very long time.
  • Likely that your phone has been hacked. Remember this started a while back, so that day you forgot your phone at home…… If you haven’t it probably has still been hacked. There are programs that let people hack from a distance. Programs for parents to keep track of their teens. How much privacy are we willing to let go of?
  • Your phone might start playing music all of a sudden (turn it completely off and then back on again). You send a text or talk on the phone and then (magically – No way Jose) something happens that is related to something you said. Like you (mistakenly) tell a friend about the Sheriff angle. The next day, while leaving a restaurant that you, your son and your son’s girlfriend were at – Low and behold – You see two men sitting in a Napa County Sheriff’s vehicle in the Lily Kai lot. Two. I have NEVER before seen two people in the front of a sheriff’s vehicle.
  • Your phone is a microphone. The CIA, with proper warrants, actually was able to catch and convict some people by listening to conversations being picked up on their phones. As far as I know, if the GPS, wi-fi and phone are turned off, then your phone is no longer a microphone.
  • Your personal computer has most likely been hacked.
  • Put tape over the camera and your computer can act as a microphone.
  • Things will disappear. Accept that ANYTHING you own is up for grabs, but it is a thing. YOU are what is important. I am fortunate. My mom had anxiety and would get so worked up when she couldn’t find something………well, I refused to do somethings she did. Que sera sera. Oh well………….It is what it is. I’m sorry if you react when you lose things. It will get easier.
  • – Between 2013 and 2016/2017 Ann is owed: a Samsung Galaxy Tab, a work computer that she had to pay for, an HP computer/tab that she had been keeping as a back up since 2013, earrings that her grandparents gave her for her high school graduation (ruby), miscellaneous earrings (it’s so easy to lose them, but……..when you are in an apartment), food that she had to throw out, lower income from a year of depression and having to leave her job, the cost of many, many window locks when she lived in a house – using a few now. Many windows can be lifted up and out from the outside.
  • Some things are meant to make you think something is happening. Like someone you know is involved is having a cozy lunch and conversation with the one person you trust at work to tell just a tad too. It is so easy to set that up. “Oh, I want to hear all about it.”
  • Trust everyone and trust no one. That means don’t forget that most of the people out there are “normal”, but you are mobbed with people who are these crazy do gooders. You can’t think of everyone as being one of them – unless you are a curmudgeon and then you are ahead of the game. On the other hand, someone could be setting you up. I’ve seen a Morman man look around in fear – but not showing it – such a nice person. So sad he had to live with this his whole life. Some of these people learn really young how to “act”. It’s a matter of survival.
  • All for now, but there are many more. Look at your bedroom or house from the standpoint of a cat burglar with a friend. Gymnastics experience. Even lifting someone up on shoulders to access a balcony. Easy peasy
  • YES – this all sounds absolutely crazy, bonkers, nuts………………..

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