Letters to the “Editor”

I just want to get this down so I have all of this craziness in one place. Yes, it all sounds crazy. If someone had told me a story like this  pre 1997, I would have suggested they seek counseling…………….

The second of two letters I wrote in a desperate attempt to have someone or anyone look into this strange phenomena. I am sure that there are others out there who write to people about this mob type harassment. The person receiving the letter immediately writes it off as the ravings of a poor soul, or looks up this stuff on the internet and sees things including electronic harassment and chemical harassment. Then, writes the letter off as the ravings of a poor soul. So, no one ever will investigate this……………….

Here goes:

Mostly conjecture. A lot of observed behaviors – some coincidence?

Truth: Have bipolar disorder as of spring 1997 at the age of 42. Runs in the family. Oh well…


What it – there was a wy to somehow – without committing a crime (sort of) to reid society of the worst pariahs in society. What if – there was a very large group of poeple who would do an awful lot to protects that group? (boy, THAT was not clear. I think I meant that the people who participate in this harassment will do most anything to make sure that this type of harassment can contiunue). With almost all social activities, friends, family part of this group? – get rid of pariahs and /or protect group – other “vigilantes” may have joined. The more I write the crazier it sounds.

I may have lost you………But – if you went into your profession for the right reasons keep reading (you may have had clients ask for help, but saw no problems. Thought your clients were a bit “off”).

What if – somewhere along the way, I made an enermy within that large group. A member of the Mormon Church (believe me – talking on the blog – there are many, many sites out there to support people who have left the church and many books out there which point out how the church could/is a cult OR discusses other issues – before this latest barrage, I had told myself and others that I don’t care what someone believes as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. I still believe that. The problem is that shunning and this type of harassment hurts people). There are 9,000 members of this  group in Sonoma County. If I’ve lost you – keep reading and look up what modern technology can do.

All I want is for the possibility of a clever, basically impossible to prove type of harassment to be broached. No group mentioned. Nada, nothing. Just broached anough to help people who are experiencing this. I DO NOT CARE if there is contrived “evidence” out there about me.

  • 1st – look up the apps available to keep groups connected via phone.
  • Harassment – Vehicular – More than normal given time of day: cars with lights on, U turns, cars turning off turning onto road “victim/target” is on (I now say survivor). Cars staying far behind or in front of target. (easy to do – I have tried – line up with a car and go the same speed)…. BOY – that was not clear – take into account that I did not want to use my computer and was hand writing this whole things while under duress. What I meant was, it is not hard to be on a freeway and drive alongside a vehicle, thereby making it seem like every car in the distance is a group……………
  • More cars with one light of a pair out (may not stay  that way – was married to someone who could run all types of switches in a car).
  • Problem – You have to be right near target’s vehicle to see some things. Others stand back and watch.
  • People in cars – More hats, sunglasses, ponytails, heads back, no smiles, straight arm, arms resting on door panel (stiff) and up blocking the face. Good shunning techniques.
  • Sounds crazy? Yes! I convinced myself that in 2013. But, now, I am a strong, single, in a small apartment with a positive boss and I am observant and smart. If someone I contact wants to follow me – fine – BUT – You have got to know what/who you are dealing with. Why? The law, Civil Rights, this is the U.S., not North Korea. Every skill needed is found within this group.

Notes on the side of this letter: Weird events? Privacy turned off on phone wi fi off – I can evade and traffic normal       Phone alarm has gone off (when I didn’t set it). Music has started. I sent text to daughter about going to get food and mentioned a few stores. Vehicles were all over. I went to a store not mentioned. Totally normal (not a few cars sitting for a long time with their headlights on – then they slowly pull out. Abnormally slow. No ambulance company cars sitting in the parking lot with their lights on. No cars way across the parking lot with their lights pointing right at me. Nada. Nothing. I did laugh. Stupid idiots! )

I had made a list of people to send these letters to including: Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area or L.A. or Washington D.C.

Now I will shred the stupid copies of the letters I received back from one person. Why? Learning to organize and not have a need to hold on to things. Thanks harassers! I am finally learning to be organized despite efforts to move papers into odd places, make a ton of copies or take some away (all of these things I am capable of doing – but, everything that happens if above the norm. I have always noticed if things were off. Heightened awareness. Seriously. I used to see people shoplift – not in any way I could report. Sleight of hand. When out and about I have to try to ignore the parents who are letting their kids do stupid or dangerous things – relaxing in an inner tube at Tahoe – an obviously inexperienced swimmer was with a group of fellow teens. I was aware of this. Relieved when the kid got close to shore. I can now – thank goodness turn the volume down of this awareness……….and departmentalize……………publishing without proofing for now.


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