Laugh and Sing and Where Did They Go?

I (or Ann) was driving on my way home last night. The usual heavy traffic with people with one headlight out or tail light out, etc. More cars around per usual. However, I have taken to making audio recordings of car details. It’s funny, how the rabbits bolt ahead when I get behind them. I have not kept the recording bit a secret. So, I turn into a parking lot of a park that parallels a busy street. I drive down the parking lot and am at a place where I am gong to exit. NO traffic! This is what it should be like on that stretch of road at 9:00 on a Friday night. Just a bit before it had been like commuter traffic. So, I laugh and say out loud, “Where did the bunnies go?” I do see many more cars driving on the other side of the road with their headlights on. See, just like most bullies (particularly cyberbullies), they are hiding behind their anonymity. Cowards and bullies. I travel again towards home singing along with the radio. Imagine all the people. Religion is fine, but how many atrocities including this vigilantism and shunning have been committed using religion as a shield. They must not read their holy books.

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