Blue Cars, Red Cars, Black Cars, White Cars (and trucks)

So, just until I have a way to organize this weird bit of information. Normal people going about their daily business? Or? Who knows? Does catch the essence of my banter. Wish I had a cat to talk to at home. The person across the way must have a cat. What’s that plant that cats like? Catnip sitting outside. No sun there. Oh well. I won’t even mention the strange case of the non traveling door mat.

Think you are clever. Not.

If the harassers really thought that their activities were lawless, they wouldn’t be so concerned about this. This won’t make sense except for other survivors out there:

Could just be driving by………….any of these. Wonder why so many work trucks. Usual routes? Do they have a job in the area? Do they always drive with their headlights on. A few do. Not all of these do I imagine.

Months back – this started mid October as far as cars go. Anyway, there was a car driven by an older couple. They had a “dealer” plate on the back, but it was a hand made dealer plate – probably made with a printer. Can’t remember what it said. I hoped I laughed.

Old phone gone, charger. then phone and no charger. will have to look. Magnet all turned over. Charge cord gone from apartment. One I  purchased for traveling. Not really long thick one. Thin.    note 11/1 and 10/31

1/6 Just Devine Cleaning Sonoma mtn ???? White Van with Magnet? and the street I live off of. 6:09 or so Magnet with Just Devine.

1/3 Happy Birthday to someone. I pull over on a very quiet street with houses. At least 10 cars drove by, some swerving by my car as they drove by. Not so unusual.

???? 8w4     9242 in lot while I was getting mail. Maybe just waiting to park there. Probably so.

12/21   Amerigas ? Parmeter white trucks. Gravenstein Highway 2:04. I would have been going to Watertrough. Amazing how busy that curve is at that time of day.

12/13 One hour heating and air conditioning    ups at farm. North coast fisheries on way to 2nd school   Occidental plumbing 2:52

7:25 Heading south uwf   322 Siveira auto body on Mc dowel

12/13 Pg and e at 9:00 CVS McDowell

Street sweeper at CVS. not unusual except third lot in area. Maybe they contract so they are doing certain areas at the same time. Makes sense. Geezer’s  service. Magnetic Qwerks dripge??? b31950

or is that PGE?

City of Sebastopol at 2:02 12/19 on Bodega before X on right. After RAgle  and before ??? the street which comes before Watertrough

Eagle Flooring 7:10 12/20 on Sonoma Mountain.

December maybe at a circle 7eby o72 or 072 green munchkin car V Kia

7szw   104 or 204 White large SUV rude girl.

7ggg910 Securitas

1/24 4vmx    1215 or 121 silver7  from Valentine rt.         5brg     754   HOnda on 116 east behind me since Sebastopol       GAG   Headlight New Image Plumbing 275

1/23 Starbucks lot 6:50 Two cars in parking lot back where you don’t park, but pulled out to move forward two cars facing me from 30 feet away. Sit there and sit there……………

Sonoma Life support at gas station on 116  Not unusual??


Jan. T2 big and 3 little on back of car. Fish5VB S032        27 6go j134  I’m so special and you people are so stupid. Dedicated P’s. Aren’t you so proud. Give yourself a pat on the back, you God fearing people. 8:13 Madison and Vallejo St. Whole Foods. 6gtx 028focus
Summer – irritating people sitting in parting lots in front of me with lights shining. Preparing a survivor for harassment. Had gone through this in 2012-2013, so that was sort of senseless 7tnf482 silver little………..6gtx 028focus focus, dark blue or black. These people are breaking the law. They want to run. They hop like little rabbits going away. 7ha h755 Range Rover, Marin. Did you get off the 101 just to harass me. It’s so simple. Get off the freeway and then you drive. got on 101. You guys think you are so holy. No, breaking the law, breaking the la 6ptp 955lexus RX350 McDowell and Washington after 8:18.  Interesting. Very, very little traffic at all on McDowell near CVCs when I coming out of park and no one would pass. Cowards and bullies. Not the M’s. They live forever – John Lennon’s song. Imagine.  My God I cleared out the town. There were a whole lot of cars behind me, so I go through the parking lot. Not a one on this side of the road, because you are all cowards. The road is kind of empty right now. Petaluma Paramedic unit go by.

Maybe these people are fine, but maybe they look the other way. So righteous. These M’s such cowards.   Fish5VB S032, .6gtx0 28focus, 6ptp 955lexus,  7hah 755 or 7hgh 755, 7nc 682 or 7mc 682.  7tnf 482, 6goe 425 honda4 kcj254    truck work – incom. Royal truck 1066 5172MT 7nc682 or 7mc 682. cpmn    4efv 208 closer to home     C 1249   87 Cal Trans  McDowell, near Redwood highwary  Is this your bosses truck. Are you at work? 6yb t980 white car, out of state. OMG. brx 4142   AZ? harassing across state lines. You really, really should not do that. That is a really stupid thing to do. 6vnf808 yep – don’t know what it is.  7hlw 3l2? little car on the right.

3 cars in front of me on a Friday night. it is not rush hour (after 8:30).. 652k 322 or 653 k322 6xxp 045 – little red car. 6vnf808 person not happy. what do these people tell them (kids). She was on my tail. 6vn f808.      Circle – Victory Truck. Victory is dealer’s sticker. Flashed lights. Probably new, but I think they keep paper plates and put them on. 6kmy 322 Mazda. yes.

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