IF, the last thing the LDS church wants is to be called a cult, why are they doing such cult like things? Yes, maybe this post is foolish, but once you are on a hit list, nothing will stop them. Below are just some links on one group.

Added 1/28: Along the way, I have noticed the born again Christian fish on some vehicles and Fish included as part of a personalized plate. So, some born agains are involved as are some people who work for delivery organizations, etc. If you see someone who is employed by the government in any way, they have signed an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. They are violating a Civil Rights’ law if they know that driving by you is supposed to raise your anxiety level. It only has to be a perceived threat. If someone from out of state is involved, they are breaking the law regarding traveling across state lines to harass. That is a federal crime. Learn sign language for “f” and U.S.A. There is an oath of enlistment that all military personnel must sign. Teachers have to sign an oath to uphold the constitution.

Now, the Mormon church and sights that point out how the church has harassed over the years.

Being Harassed by the Church, I Need Your Help

Follow the link below




Recovering from Mormonism


Influence Science and Practice

A book on why people blindly follow.


Out of Mormonism A Woman’s True Story


Okay – yes, this comes under a cult:

Thomas Spencer Monson As president, Monson is considered by adherents of the religion to be a “prophet, seer, and revelator.”