No Touch Harassment – or is it?


The harassment may have started month before. Last summer Anna was really irritated by the number of cars that would pull in facing her and leave their lights on too long, or would be ready to pull out and seem to sit there forever…………She assumed that the idiots were insensitive twits who were on their phones and were being rude. Nope – probably getting her sensitive to the brighting – which she had been through before, but had convinced herself that she really must have been going through a crisis.

She had a horrid, horrid night last summer. It was a true night terror. It’s ten stages worse than a nightmare. You literally are terrified. Everything that happens in the “dream” is horrid and distorted and surreal. Anna tried time and time again to wake herself up, but couldn’t. She finally managed to………….gradually calmed herself down enough to sleep…..and it happened all over again. The same scenario. Horrid creatures. The next day………..well, she wondered if somehow a medication had the wrong substance in it, or she had a reaction to that medication………………..then she started looking up date rape drugs. Now she wonders what/if anything happened during that night.

The following night, she was very much afraid to go to sleep. Very. But she did and everything was fine. She had never had this experience before and has never had it since. Was she drugged? Did something happen? Was she drugged so that she would worry something happened?

Everything else has been no touch harassment – as far as she knows. That is what the perps are supposed to believe . That they aren’t really committing any crime…….they are saving others or saving their religion. Meanwhile completely disregarding our justice system, Civil Rights law, harassment laws,

All of these posts will be edited and added to ……………but not right now

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