Harassment by a Church and Others

This site is to help readers understand: Vigilante Stalking and Harassment, Cause Stalking, Gang Stalking. These "Smoke and Mirrors" tactics are VERY easy to do.

Laws Broken by Gangstalkers: Many and Varied (Harassment 101 is down below laws)

Here is a list of crimes committed by cause stalkers/gangstalkers: at work, at home, in the neighborhood………………

18 USCS § 2261A. Stalking. (2013)  FEDERAL
(1) travels in interstate or ………and territorial  jurisdiction of the United States, ……., with the intent to kill, injure, harass, intimidate, or place under surveillance with intent to kill, injure, harass, or intimidate another person, and in the course of, or as a result of, such travel or presence  engages in conduct that–(A) places that person in reasonable fear of the death of, or serious bodily injury to OR (B) causes, attempts to cause, or would be reasonably expected to cause substantial emotional distress to a person described in clause (i), (ii), or (iii) of subparagraph (A); or

(2) with the  intent to kill, injure, harass, intimidate, or place under surveillance with intent to kill, injure, harass, or intimidate another person, uses the mail, any interactive computer service or electronic communication service or electronic communication system of interstate commerce, or any other facility of interstate or foreign commerce to engage in a course of conduct that–……………….or (B) causes, attempts to cause, or would be reasonably expected to cause substantial emotional distress to a person described in clause (i), (ii), or (iii) of paragraph (1)(A), shall be punished as provided in section 2261(b) of this title.

Cal  Pen Code § 646.9 . Stalking. (2008)
(a) Any person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows or willfully and maliciously harasses another person and who makes a credible threat with the intent to place that person in reasonable fear for his or her safety, or the safety of his or her immediate family is guilty of the crime of stalking, punishable by imprisonment in a county jail for not more than one year, or by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by both that fine and imprisonment, or by imprisonment in the state prison.

There are many statutes created by the California Legislature that deal with different types of assault and battery. Basically, assaults and batteries are classified by: 1. Specific means such as assaults with chemicals or drugs;



Audio and video forensics –


This page lists the most applicable state crimes addressing stalking. However, depending on the facts of the case, a stalker might also be charged with other crimes, such as TRESPASSING, intimidation of a witness, BREAKING AND ENTERING, etc.




Someone who HACKS into another person’s computer could be punished by a number of different crimes, depending on the circumstances….. These crimes carry penalties ranging from a class B misdemeanor (punishable by up to six months in prison, a fine of up to $1,000, or both) to a class B felony (punishable by up to 20 years in prison, a fine of up to $15,000, or both). The law also punishes unauthorized access to a computer or computer network, with penalties ranging from a class B misdemeanor to a class D felony (punishable by up to five years in prison, a fine of up to $5,000, or both.


Civ. Code § 45 defines LIBEL as “a false and unprivileged publication by writing, printing, picture, effigy, or other fixed representation to the eye, which exposes any person to hatred, contempt, ridicule, or obloquy, or which causes him to be shunned or avoided, or which has a tendency to injure him in his occupation.” See Savage v. Pacific Gas & Elec. Co. (1993) 

SLANDER is “a false and unprivileged publication, orally uttered,” that does one or more of the following: (1) “Charges any person with crime . . .” Civ. Code § 46(1). (2) “Tends directly to injure him in respect to his office, profession, trade or business, either by imputing to him general disqualification in those respects which the office or other occupation peculiarly requires, or by imputing something with reference to his office, profession, trade, or business that has a natural tendency to lessen its profits.” Civ. Code § 46(3). (3) “[B]y natural consequence, causes actual damage.” Civ. Code § 46(5).

More than 2% of the adult population has bipolar disorder including: Ted Turner, Dick Cavett, Rosemary Clooney, Francis Ford Coppola, Patricia Cornwell,  Richard Dreyfuss, Patty DukeCarrie Fisher, Mel Gibson, Linda HamiltonShane Hmiel, Byron Houston, Kay Redfield Jamison, Kristy McNichol, Dimitri Mihalas, Jane Pauley, Lynn N. Rivers (politician, revealed her disorder – fellow politician asked, “Are you nuts?” She said, “Yes weren’t you listening?” Britney SpearsCatherine Zeta-Jones, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Ben Stiller. Any age including age 42. Really? Ignorance.

ANY PUBLIC OFFICE: I, [Type or Print Name] do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which I am about to enter.








Gangstalking – It’s become a word linked with crazy people who also believe in electronic zapping and such. How much of those blogs are created to make anyone who mentions a smoke and mirrors type of stalking to be nuts, looney, crazy? This is how it is done and it’s smoke and mirrors people, smoke and mirrors.

I moved Gaslighting up and brighting (vehicle headlights) down below for now.

GASLIGHTING 101: objects are moved while you are gone from a location. They may turn up in another location: home to work to your car. Many objects used will be small objects that you are likely to come across in your daily life: pills, rubber bands, paper clips, shiny pennies. The objective is for you to get a clenched feeling in your stomach even when seeing an object is a normal occurrence. (You can get past that feeling – think of whatever makes your boggart leave, sing a song, “tell” them how stupid they are).

  • The case of the non traveling entry mat. There is an entry mat at the apartment across the way. I didn’t think too much when the lady across the way chose to use the previous owners mat. But, then the couple from Hawaii moved in – the big island. Is that where the Mormon center is? They have two or three sons – two I think. One works down south. Is it the raceway? I don’t think so. The tag had been taken off but the plastic “string” that the tag hooks onto was there. I took that off. So, there are new neighbors across the way. The door mat is still there. Fourth owner. I haven’t met them yet.
  • One of my toilets was plugged up four times in five weeks. I will double check that. I have the emails. Oh, this was the fist time I asked for assistance with this matter –  first time in over 3 years I have not been able to fix the issue myself. Odd, wouldn’t you say? I’ve avoided leaving anything near the toilet that might easily be thrown in. I certainly hope that my landlord or any of the maintenance people don’t even know about someone trying to mess with my head. I am a person with an easily controlled mood disorder (I am so lucky – some people never even find a medication that works – yes, really). So, discriminating against anyone like that would come under California harassment law, but discriminating against a person with a “disability” would come under a Civil Rights violation. Oops. He sure did have a funny look the last time I stopped by. What did he expect – a raving lunatic. I shouldn’t talk like that. Mental illness is nothing to joke about. I guess I am making fun of the ignorant harassers out there……….My favorite story is about the Congresswoman who talked about being bipolar. After the meeting, another politician came up to her and asked, “Are you crazy?”. She replied, “Yes, weren’t you listening?” True story. I saw it in the newspaper years ago. You can find it on the internet. Jim Carey and lots of famous people share this blight. 2% people, 2%.
  • There have been some small devices out for YEARS that allow car burglars to get into almost any car there is. No biggy. BUT sometime down the road, this will come out a “new news”. I can’t believe how many “new “news” items have been released over and over again. Like the Catholic Priests. This has been going on for decades – as far as news releases. Yet, once a decade, it is released as new news. Shouldn’t they be reported to the police? I don’t get it.
  • My extra set of car keys disappeared months ago. Interesting as I am the only one living in a two bedroom apartment. I always put them away in the same place.
  • I started laughing when I was somewhere and the locks on my doors were remotely closed. I was expecting this. Oooooh. Aaaaaah. Aleady done in 2013 people. Oh, I was at the plaza in Sebastopol I think this time. I remember looking to see who it could be.
  • AND – why do the ladies down in 128 still have their Christmas tree outside on their front patio? I think it has gone long past the time it is even much of a fire risk. Do they want me to bug them about that? I don’t care – keep it. The darker haired one is the one who accused me of making loud noises in the middle of the night. Yeah, right.
  • I kept thinking that someone had to get into a car to move the side mirrors. Silly me. You can move them from outside. I don’t think that has happened since. I moved them myself a few times………just to say Hi!
  • It does probably take less than ten seconds if that to open a car door and throw in a penny or pull out the change holder. I started pulling out the change holder myself. Why not? And sometimes moving the seat way back in my car. Ooooooh. Not!
  • Small objects may be placed where you are sure not to miss them. Shiny pennies right on your seat. For a while for me, it was also safety pins. You cannot tell anyone about this. Sounds crazy. My solution: leave the same objects for them. eventually, you will lose track of what you did and it won’t matter any more.
  • The small objects can be placed where they seem like they “appear like magic” when no one else is around. They can be placed in blankets, cuffs, clothes that need to be hung up, on the ground where you might not see something the first go round, but, “Lo and Behold!” one appears. Rubber bands are good in my case as I have a carpet that makes a rubber band disappear. I’d say that every once in a while it seems like someone must be around, but that is too crazy and creepy. Laugh, sing and think of a midget or a monkey…………..keep what is essential next to you. YOU are just fine. THEY are the crazy ones.
  • More another time. Take care of yourself!

This is my third fight. I am a Survivor this time – NOT a victim. The mistake the harassers made was to pick on me at a great time (for me). I am out of a marriage where I was barraged with verbal gaslighting and negativity. I have a boss who is a real person. Not the one a while back where I could do no right – and would not stand up to a parent (foster parent/major advocate). I would never say to a child that he is a baby. The harassers, plus taking a class, plus my boss…………..made me ineffective. Pushed me into a depression. NOT this time.

Anyway – I have figured out how most things are done. However, the most important thing I have done is to look upon these people as fallible and use the scene from Harry Potter regarding Boggarts to see them as ants crawling out of their holes and rabbits when they hop away – They DO NOT want their plate numbers written down (my harassers are gullible people who conform easily – many from churches who raise their kids to be totally dedicated to their church). This all started for me with a sheriff who is a member of a local Mormon church. Which one? I am not sure. So, for U.S. victims – your harassers might be the same kind. I would not recommend letting them know you are taking down plates until you see if they run away like little bunnies to keep you from really seeing them. Mine do.

  • There are apps available that allow groups to keep in contact. I have looked them up. Plus, Amber Alert type messages can be used to alert harassers via cell phones as to the location of a target/survivor
  • I went to the main drag today: Petaluma Blvd. downtown. The nice thing for these cause stalkers is that they can easily hop off the 101 north or south, drive down the blvd. and get right back on the freeway. Yes, there are a lot of tourists craning their necks to see our fantastic old buildings. But……….sitting way back in their seats, turning away from you, wearing the hood of a very heavy coat, tight lipped looks with some showing a bit of concern, irritation, anger. Anyone else watching would have been impressed by the number of very fancy cars and big trucks.
  • From what I saw, I think some drivers were totally caught off guard when they saw me standing near the crosswalk. Oops! They sure pulled out as fast as they could. Too fast for a car driving down the main drag of an old town with tourists crossing the street. So, I think they are shown only my picture and a picture of my car. For most of them, that info., plus being on some type of list……….is all they need.
  • The main tactics used involve harassers driving cars around where the target might be.
  • The driving tactics make it appear as if the harassers are working in tandem, but they use opportunities presented by another harasser being around or even might use the movements of a normal driver to make a typical driving move.
  • All of the typical moves that a harasser might use are seen under normal traffic conditions. The number of cars around and frequency of the occurrence of typical “brighting” moves are what makes up a case of vehicular harassment.
  • More cars than usual will have one taillight out, one brake light out, one headlight out, etc. It is not at all difficult to actually rig a car to give the driver the capability to do this trick. I have helped run fog lamps for a car, and adding a switch to turn on the foglamps. Many cars come with set spaces to add figures. Also, it would not be difficult at all to put a switch under the dash. Here is an example: A car with one headlight on and one off went into a Safeway parking lot. While in the lot, the driver flipped a switch and the headlights looked normal. While going to pick up my daughter from San Francisco Airport, there was a big truck behind me with one headlight out. I made a movement with my hand to indicate flipping a switch. The headlight was turned on. Smoke and mirrors.
  • The same type of thing can be done with brighter than normal lights – often on one side.
  • Some driving tactics include: more cars than usual coming towards the survivor’s road from side roads, cars on the sides of the road – some with hazard lights on. Many more cars than usual on the road making swift right turns (or laboriously slow turns) and quick turns right in front of the survivor’s car. Cars in parking lots with lights shining on the road the survivor will drive on. Cars can be seen pulling out as in tandem. Movement of opportunity. A harasser can even coordinate this movement with someone not participating in the harassment.
  • When driving through a section of streets it can seem magical that other cars on parallel streets pass through so you can see them to the side. If you have GPS on it’s really easy. If you have privacy off and Wi fi turned off, it is a matter of numbers and luck or timing.
  • Number of cars that are different will be around. Like the 79’s fushia truck with a bright white cab from a Petaluma business. Or the green truck – like a farm truck with a silver flat bed. Cars with some flames painted on.
  • Plates – I think some people hang on to the paper dealer plates to use for this activity. An older car can have these dealer plates. I saw an obviously homemade plate used by an elderly couple who turned off Sonoma Mountain – a few months back. I saw a dealer plate yesterday. Does the dealer know or was that the dealer?
  • .Many nicer than normal cars for the area. I was sitting in a Safeway parking lot with a friend. She took note of how many fancy cars there were in Petaluma right then. I have also seen a high number of really, really old cars. I think there may be some of these harassers who keep old cars or actually go and find one to keep
  • Three cars in the three lanes behind you at a distance looks like magic. Not! Just drive and line up and Voila. There you have it. Try doing it yourself. The other cars are behind you. Looks menacing right? Not anymore. I now sometimes really like being in the middle of the swarm behind and swarm ahead.
  • Creepy is how easily people buy into this “fight for right” with whatever they have been told about you. My mind boggles when I think that people can just get one of these alerts and that is all they need to buy into this illegal activity. Check out CA law and Civil Rights law


GASLIGHTING 101: objects are moved while you are gone from a location. They may turn up in another location: home to work to your car. Many objects used will be small objects that you are likely to come across in your daily life: pills, rubber bands, paper clips, shiny pennies. The objective is for you to get a clenched feeling in your stomach even when seeing an object is a normal occurrence. (You can get past that feeling – think of whatever makes your boggart leave, sing a song, “tell” them how stupid they are).

  • The small objects can be placed where they seem like they “appear like magic” when no one else is around. They can be placed in blankets, cuffs, clothes that need to be hung up, on the ground where you might not see something the first go round, but, “Lo and Behold!” one appears. Rubber bands are good in my case as I have a carpet that makes a rubber band disappear. I’d say that every once in a while it seems like someone must be around, but that is too crazy and creepy. Laugh, sing and think of a midget or a monkey…………..keep what is essential next to you. YOU are just fine. THEY are the crazy ones.
  • More another time. Take care of yourself!

This is how it is done and it’s smoke and mirrors people, smoke and mirrors.

Speaking about not spending a lot of time. I was out and about in Petaluma today. It was different. There seemed to be people who wanted me to take a look at their plates. Oh geez. One tactic doesn’t work and let’s change it. One young lady had a big smile on her face. The lady from Texas put her hand over her mouth as though she was shocked I had “discovered” her. So, let’s see. A few people may have already said they suspect they are being stalked. Ooooooh. Well people……………..I don’t really plan on doing anything with the plates. Maybe WHEN this is outed, the plates will come in handy………….maybe if I make a listing people in the area can write down plates too. I know I saw cars that I have seen before. Well……………all of them were local. Why wouldn’t they be shopping in Petaluma? Were a few who seemed to mind. Maybe they are not so local. Okay, Christian, white, born in the U.S.A. cause stalkers……………….Let’s rock and roll. Stupid in sign language is a peace sign, but you hit your head. Idiots is hitting your head and making an I with your pinky. Oh………….people around the store who heard me sing, “Onward Christian Soldiers” – well, some ignored, some smiled and some – by their body language – a little stiffening…………….felt uncomfortable – BTW – I have come to hate that song – the crusades. Destroying in the name of Christ…………..there is a phrase that makes him sound royal. Whooo eee! Read your New testament people

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Ego Plates Abound in California – I Thought These, “Better Than You, Holier Than Thou, My Way or The Highway”, Vigilante Stalkers Take Themselves Very Seriously…. Ego Plates

The article below gives credence to what I have been thinking. The people who partake in Vigilante Stalking / Gang Stalking / Harassment have very big egos (or very small ones trying to act big). If they belong to a church, THEIR church is the only church and only way you can go to heaven. Interesting, since some of the church groups do not believe that other participants will go to heaven.

7% in California. I had one for many years. 4X4RNR1. But, I would bet that in a given day I see more Ego plates than most other people – except those who are gangstalkers. I wonder if their use is higher among conservative, holier than thou groups.  Just saying.

Ego plates. I have never heard that term before. Yep. You read it here and below first.

Updated: Examples of Unintelligent and/or Typical Gang Stalking Moves – A Few Neighbors Pitch In

IMG_5351 (2)

  • Little Miss Sunshine’s baby’s stroller. It’s either blocking the steps, halfway blocking the steps, sticking out at the top of the steps. You can stroll through Capri Creek in Petaluma, California to see how one neighbor puts stuff in the path. Oh, yeah coincidence. I doubt it.


  • The space above is reserved for the neighbor below me. She had a dead Christmas tree on her porch for a long time after Christmas. Dead and dreary. Why not?


  • Went to wash my hair before I went to have my hair cut. I always do this. I don’t want my hair to go a certain way because of styling or any hairspray in my hair. Here are two conditioners. I had washed my hair the day before. I had not used two conditioners.
  • Typical gaslighting move is to use something handy that takes very little time to do. As in above example. I had a conditioner/shampoo in both bathrooms.

IMG_5326 (2)

  • My apartment was a mess when I rushed away for the weekend. So, I would not have noticed anything moved. I almost banged into this chair in the bathroom. Now, I had NO reason at all to put that chair there. Must be poltergeist.


  • Very ugly cinnabar color used on the meters I see as I come down the stairs. Hmmm. Doubt if I have seen those colors used in this complex.


  • Now, this is more like it. Taken the same day. What I see and what every other completed paint job of meters looks like. Does not make sense to paint a dark color where lighter colors need to go.
  • Ah, but the color red is the theme.
  • Remember: AC Enterprises oversees the construction at Capri Creek. The construction workers do really nice work. Plus, they take time every day to make sure that they have cleaned up thoroughly. Always. They started work about a year ago.                                                    


  • Last week – the path leading from the four units where I live out to the parking lot. I took pictures of EVERY SINGLE WALKWAY. There was no other walkway that looked like this. What are the statistical changes that all these events would happen near my apartment and no others. Yes, Only I could see the red tape and caution tape. How about zero percent chance.


  • I guess the poltergeist or Gang Stalkers / Vigilante Stalkers thought this would mess with my mind. Oooh, Aaah. Right………………
  • Hanger in back seat of car hooked to headrest at an angle. After Starbucks and Sprouts in Cupertino.
  • I drive by a Mormon Church in Cupertino just to see the reaction – and to let them know how afraid I am of their cowardly bully tactics. Not!
  • I am someone who has researched the history of suspected churches involved. I know how your silly tactics work from prior experience. I was NOT raised to be a puppet in mostly patriarchal groups.
  • I am not fazed by your smoke and mirror tactics.

I checked today to see what the reaction would be if I drove or stopped on a public road near a Mormon Church. Very quick response. Frenzied. Really? Just reaffirms my latest theory. There is NO OTHER LARGE ORGANIZATION IN THE US THAT IS SO CONTROLLING AND SECRETIVE TO PULL OFF SUCH A MIRAGE! You may be helped by other threatened groups, but the Mormon church indoctrinates the children starting day 1 to be totally dependent on church and family. To leave is psychological torture. Shunned and a pariah, right? It is an extremely wealthy entity. All property and land is paid for. Psychological tactics and group spying/pressure keeps people in line. Psych tactic example: missionaries separated from families almost completely and are in twos to keep tabs on each other.

Free thinking is definitely not encouraged. My guess is that psychological “gaslighting” is the norn. Someone asks a viable question and the tables are turned so the asker is thrown off balabce and his or her worthiness or devotion is called into question.

Who better to pull off Stepford faces than Mormons who sit through 3 hour services and are visited by others who check on their loyaly monthly. Other groups are there, but not as consistently. Not the “devotion” or “God points” being dangled over your heads.

It takes away free thinking to be told everything you must believe. Most of the groups. Does condemnation by such a caring family centered church carry more credence? Family centered. Right. Unless a child is gay and doesn’t pray enough or try hard enough to change his or her eays. Like the second grade boy who was very effeminate and who drew very detailed puctures of ladies’ shoes. Or, the boys whose mothers took a certain drug that increases the likelihood of a male child being homosexual. Or the hormones female fetuses ars expised to that

When Vigilantes Become Mob Stalkers / Gang Stalkers and Important Information for Me to Share – NOW

Related image

Watch Strangers on a Train

I try to think that this is absolutely impossible. I mean if there were anything wouldn’t the police have it. I want it to stay out there. I intend to see it sometime – I really don’t want to – if it exists. But, an explanation for gangstalking would be interesting. I don’t think ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE should go through Vigilantes Justice. Read the repost  from the religious poster.   I just can’t believe that some people can get so angry when I say certain things or sign certain things. Unless there was something damning.

See more below.

I have tried to stick to the term Vigilantes Stalkers and Vigilante Harassment because I do think that those terms are going to be more easily believed by people who are not Targeted Individuals or Survivors.

I have been pushed now for 9 months. I have been pushing back just as many months. I am not following their plan.

  • This week, I was surrounded by a gang of people. Oooh, Ahhh. They were all in black or dark blue cars and they surrounded me as I drove up Washington towards McDowell. I say, oooh, aaah, because when you have cell phones and group texting options, the way some of these things are coordinated is easy peasy. A text was sent about blue and black cars and where to go. Just like the white cars at Leghorn Park in Petaluma, California. Near the Safeway. I live in Capri Creek behind Safeway. You can find my neighbor’s apartment number in one of my posts. One of my middle names is Ann.
  • This mob takes pleasure in pulling in and out of parking spaces making a big show. It is one of their tells. Tells in Nor Cal are – but are not limited to: dog paws, plate frames saying Alumni of ………….wrecked places on cars, stickers. I’ll add more at another time. When I was making the video of Casa, I realized I had forgotten to list all the tells.
  • ACE – meticulous, but I took photos of the whole place where you are working. No debris from stucco except outside the four units where I live.
  • Also, took pic of the halfway completed job on the meters. I have pics showing all the complex before you added the silly red tape in front of those two apartments. I just haven’t had time to post them yet. Ridiculous
  • ACE is the company overseeing the redoing of the outside of the apartments at Capri Creek. Interesting how the big yellow machine was parked outside my unit. Then backed out and eventually moved to where it goes.
  • I changed my passwords.
  • Things you need to know. You or the people with Mob mentality who make up this group in the North Bay and elsewhere. (the color of some of the “red” cars.
  • You may have taken my cross, but you cannot take away my faith. (have not looked thoroughly enough). I wore that on the track in 1997. It’s part of me and always will be.
  • I am an overly conscientious person. I tied the bag closed after I had after I had lunch and went into stores. I don’t like carrying an open bag into a store.
  • Therefore the only solution to things being removed from my purse and my bag was when I was in getting my hair cut. That is the only possible solution. That is why the room has been rearranged and I keep getting encouraged to put my things over there. More below. I held onto my phone and I know I took those papers with me. No pills in there? Out of luck.
  • There are MANY ways that the gangstalkers make it look like there are more of them than there really are. Don’t get me wrong. There are a lot, but I would never tell someone how many. A small group of Vigilante Stalkers sounds reasonable. This would sound crazy. You DON’T want to sound crazy.
  • I saw some cars today – twice. I have to listen to the audio tapes I took, but I am pretty sure. I some cars today that I saw in San Rafael yesterday. Remember, some of these people are retirees, some might work from home and some might be stay at home parents. Oh, there were plenty of local cars, but some from my neck of the woods also.
  • After me seeing a car once, that same car just makes sure that they drive past on a street out in front. Make it hard by turning privacy on. Then you get “Oh shit” looks when you go around a corner.
  • They leave cars in “hidey holes”. That means they drive multiple cars down to a place they pick out, and then get in one and come back later to get the other. Sometimes. People driving through can’t do that.
  • It’s easy for people on the freeway to get off the freeway in my town and head on the streets that go through town. Very easy. Also, Lakeville. No es una problema.
  • I came across one today. It was at Casa Grande High School. I knew there was one over in that area, but came across it purely by chance……………..I guess. Yes, I did take a video of the whole lot. And no, there were not enough people playing tennis or anything else going on to explain the number of cars. No sports, nada, nothing. Wrong time of year. Period. Another was at Leghorn Park. Not all the cars but some. There were a certain number of basketball players old enough to drive and a few adults out in the playground.
  • So, I have not wanted to bring this up as the Sheriff’s department backed off after I reported that I was almost hit.
  • There is one particular PPD car that I see more of than most. There was one today among the mass of cars coming from the high school I assume. This was at Washington and Ely I think.
  • This is so crazy………..yesterday, when I was at the parking garage in downtown San Rafael, a police car parked up the block from me. I went back and forth doing a few things including figuring out how to use the ticket machine. It was there until I was on fourth street and had gone beyond its line of sight. I know because I stepped back a minute later and it was gone.
  • If you see something you are probably supposed to see it so you will tell someone. I suspected this for a while, but I saw a woman behind a highway patrol car and then she got ahead. He pulled her over………….staged, but I think I was meant to see it.
  • To be continued as I have time.







  • A few times back, the man who has been cutting my hair for at least 15 years, gave me a look of disgust. Last time he seemed okay. He knew I would be back in to get my hair cut soon. It was today. He recently rearranged the furniture so that the tall chairs are over by this half wall near the bathroom. Also, there has been something a bit off about my haircuts recently. Now I know why he gave me a full cut when I didn’t want that.
  • See, I always have been setting my things over against a wall. The last few times, it has been suggested that I put my things over on the high chairs. Thinking about it, why are those high chairs even there? Very easy to reach over the wall and get my purse or the bag. It takes very little time to grab what you are looking for. But, I don’t think they got the most important thing. Meds. Not there.
  • Did take my gift cards and put them in my book which I found at lunch. Oooh, aah. Because of reading mysteries and the quote by Sherlock Holmes and going through this before………………….it’s obvious now. Oh. I kept my phone on my lap. No bug.

I try to think that this is absolutely impossible. I mean if there were anything wouldn’t the police have it. I want it to stay out there. I intend to see it sometime – I really don’t want to – if it exists. But, an explanation for gangstalking would be interesting. I don’t think ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE should go through Vigilantes Justice. Read the repost  from the religious poster.   I just can’t believe that some people can get so angry when I say certain things or sign certain things. Unless there was something damning.

See more below.

I guess since my depression didn’t do the job, the puppetmeisters had to resort to extreme measures. I am just guessing. By the look given me by someone who has known me for almost 20 years, I am thinking that there has to be something. I don’t know if something happened other than being drugged one night in the summer, I just KNOW that I was drugged. Oh yeah, you say in disgust right (those of you who don’t truly understand what people will do)?

Does it make sense after 9 months of this constant harassment that I haven’t done anything? If not while I was subbing or last year (which doesn’t make sense for those of you who did this in 2012-2013), then there might be something new. I don’t know. What is weird is that I had night terrors. With many date rape drugs there is not a memory of anything. No dreams. Even people with night terrors don’t remember them. How would someone know what to put in my meds, so that I wouldn’t O.D.? Why didn’t I have any aftereffects except for being really scared of going to sleep the following night?

When I say some people would anything to take someone down I mean that. And there are those in this organization who would do that – anything. There ARE a number of hands at work, and only the puppetmeisters have the whole story.

Who could be my enemy: My S.O. demonstrated that in 2012-2013. Certain church leaders (perhaps). Anyone who could benefit from having this system going in order to take down a wife, a boss, people who want to keep this going for their own benefit, some law and order type from 1997 who can’t handle that I an “okay”. All of the above.

Tragic Sitcom Due to Being the New Kid on the Block – Vigilante Stalkers Don’t Communicate, Just Condemn

  • 1955: Berkeley, Ohio, San Pedro, Fullerton, CA
  • High School: Leader and co leader to two trips to Mexico for church youth group, drill team. Senior year: meet future husband. Camp Osceola 4th-12th grade. Ragger program: connect with God and decide if you move on the next year. Violin 4th-college. High School – only one in town considered integrated school and proud of it.
  • Summer Job: Marie Callendar’s turns coffee shop into first Marie Callendar’s restaurant.
  • 1973-1977: UC Riverside, undergrad. Married in 9/76. Jobs: Sundays – vacuuming floor in dining hall. Then, Disneyland weekends and summers. Hostess, because I didn’t like the attitude some waitresses get towards people who don’ tip.
  • 1977-1985: Teacher 8 years with good friends from work. Computer “expert”?, piloted music program. Mid to low income. Integrated school.
  • Sometime, S.O. and I make a trip to the Grand Canyon, ending up in Utah – North rim.
  • 1985: Son, after multiple years of infertility issues. YWCA: Moms and Infants, Moms and Tots. Kindercare to sub a few days a week. Then preschool three days and childcare/church preschool. Had to show my son where I would be teaching before work. He and I would be sick each February. I would plan desert trips. Very, very mild Season Affective Disorder, but had no idea.  In third purchased house.
  • 1990: Lake Forest to get closer to S.O.’s work. Sad and away from Corona. 4 month miscarriage August 1990. 1991 – brother in law passes away from alcohol. S.O.’s division closing (had not realized that despite employment for quite a few years at one company – every 18 months or so he was looking for employment in another area.
  • 1991-1992:Move to Minnesota – big culture shock. 1991 – Halloween Storm of 1991. 28 inches in 24 hours. Good schools, but slight bully culture. Son, very, very smart. Find him classes at local J.C. for summer – enrichment. Being smart is not always an easy path. 1992 – Daughter born. 1993 – We decide to head west job or no job.
  • Contaminated well next door, Contaminated plume. Taking little one to classes. Active baby/child. “Where are we going?” Who are we going to see? Little one and I are passing out flyers to neighbors to fight Reynold’s Metal and Whirlpool. City water goes in. We move to townhouse. Tornado warnings off and on.
  • 1995-1996: Go cross country visiting Dinosaur National Monument in UTAH, and possibly a few other places, Colorado, Yellowstone. Townhouse for one month, then West Lynn Oregon – awful apartment. S.O. felt that doctor he was working with would get funding. It didn’t happen. Felt something kind of click. Shut off. Down.
  • 1996-1997- Move to townhouse near Lucas Valley for a month. Find house and “move in” the night before school. Nerves shot. Can only go to one gas station. Overbearing preschool teacher in coop preschool. Overwhelmed by all the paperwork/sales at son’s school. March 1997 after long, rainy, flooding winter – bright spring. Something clicks again. Age 42 – never any sign of bipolar disorder. With one comment I go into a “mild” six week manic period. Mostly in head, but act very inappropriately around one person. Try to avoid. New kid on the block, so no one talks to me/us.
  • Lots of coincidences which puts early vigilante stalking into motion. Trying to show kids counselor’s office. Wrong turn and end up on street with person I made uncomfortable. Redoing some of our trip to CA so little one can see where we were. Uh oh. Person heading that way too. Polly Klaas trial is probably on everyones’ minds as other horrible crimes. Vigilante set ups. Wrong – well meaning for someone else but makes my recovering that much harder.
  • Oops. My S.O. shows up at the track and looks of chagrin on gang stalkers’/ex cops, current cops’ faces. No apology. Person I made uncomfortable perfectly, nice person. Feel that if I had to make a fool of myself while manic could have “chosen” a nicer person. Oh, but I stay on someone’s list – but don’t know it.
  • To be continued.
  • Part II
  • Already talked about how quickly I was diagnosed and got treatment in another post. FAST. Told to watch my stress by my doctor. Oh, yeah.
  • I go on with my life trying to be as normal as possible…..Started a Daisy Troop with another mom. So much for watching my stress. Keep the troop small because strong girls and I didn’t want to have to have at least three adults there. Flack from some parents of course. A few. The rest were troopers. I run it as a coop troop with Mom’s taking turns.
  • Okay: Troop leader, son’s troop’s – can’t catch word. finance person. So, technically a Boy Scout. Daughter, husband and I go on some of the trips. Get training to be Art Docent, chairman of one of the art shows, volunteer…………………field trips. Went to Stanford with 8th grade I think – son, nuclear accelerator. All pretty good. S.O. works out of town a lot because that is where work is. Out more than I expect/told. I am pretty open about my bipolar disorder. How are people going to learn that there can be very productive people with bipolar disorder if we don’t talk about it.
  • August 2005 – The Friday before leaving for Tahoe. Call back on mammogram. Breast cancer. Wait until January to have surgery and chemo because waiting for genetic test. First surgery. I read whole path report and look up every type of cell. Rt. mastectomy and chemo. Early research which I scout out shows that Paxil should not be taken by women with breast cancer (or at least my type). Under doctor’s care I slowly stop Paxil. Instant menopause of course.
  • I have had Seasonal Affective Disorder and have a lamp but it was not strong enough.  Slowly go into a big depression with NO mania before hand April 2007, I go into hospital. 72 hour hold. Outpatient care afterwards. (closed one in Petaluma – tragic). I had been managing to drive to outpatient care.
  • For the first time, with a lot of anxiety, I drive out of Petaluma to Sonoma State for “required” intro to Special Ed program. I fake my way through the meeting.
  • Managed to make it to my son’s college graduation. Oh, at age 14, my daughter “got” to walk down the hall of a mental hospital to see her mom.
  • I had been substituting, jumping through hoops to keep my credential current, long term substituting, a reading teacher and then summer school teacher, an assistant in RSP (had to take a week off, came back could not understand first grade material and had to quit. Depression.) Oh, I had interviewed with a wig on. Later on that teacher had me substitute for her. Yes, she did.
  • I can say that I am bipolar which I might do among my “peers”, but I AM NOT my illness.
  • 2009-2010 school year, sub and then 3 month job with a student with ADHD and Tourettes. Biggest hurdle was keeping in touch with Mom giving suggestions like: Next time X does his homework on the patio have him use a clipboard. I had him stand and point to countries that he needed to learn. I believe that was the first time he passed a map test in history.
  • 2010-2011 school year, SDC for 3-5th. 1/2 the students were moved to this school because. I can’t remember. The kids who have the highest needs seem to be moved around the most. Worked with counselor and fantastic aid to run a good program and help these kiddos. Ended up with lactose intolerance, but didn’t figure it out until December. Fun! Almost forgot. I tend to be overly conscientious and stay late. On the way home, quite a few times, there were Sonoma County Sheriffs vehicles on the side of the road with their lights going. Nothing going on. I finally dropped off a letter at a sub station and it stopped. At that point I had in my mind that this had something to do with my “test” in 1997. A relative of that “person” was a Sonoma County Sheriff. All this in another post. I had a Sheriff stop with a look of hate in his eyes around 2008.
  • 2011-2012 school year. Up until January I subbed. January I got a job in a small district in Santa Rosa. I worked with another RSP teacher as her numbers had risen. Great job! Great teacher. Sure she would laugh at whatever is out there. Oh, afternoons I worked at another school in the district.
  • The following year I worked at another school, but his time in SDC. Again, my students had been moved from one school and put in another. Part of my job was to work with the staff to help my students spend part of the day in the Gen Ed classes as appropriate. All teachers cooperated except for the two teachers closest to my room.
  • This was 2012-2013. October of that year, my pills were taken and all types of weird things were going on. I made the mistake of writing emails about it after a while. 1st thing on gangstalkers’ agenda – make the target appear to be crazy. But, it wasn’t a hug group/yet. Working with a principal who did not say one thing positive to me didn’t help. First time I sent a few students to her to just talk to her, she came marching in with a sticker chart and stickers – in front of the class and said, “I assume you know how to use these.” Good way to show the students that we are a team. Assistant would not leave her seat to hand out coupons that had worked so successfully in Sonoma.
  • So many things happened that I had the security tapes looked at. I was assured that no one had gotten in. Now, I wonder if someone was honest about the tapes. Then I was starting to experience brighting and all. I was slowly going down hill as my anxiety increased. I was becoming ineffective working with a very difficult group of students. Not unlike the group before, but I had been left “curriculum before. I had to stop in April and then the gangstalking was stalking on steroids.
  • So the gangstalkers didn’t know what went on before. Also I was going though a divorce and my S.O. joined in the gaslighting and had been doing verbal gaslighitng for many years (a now acknowledged form of verbal abuse. It was crazy making.
  • However, I recently realized that I was never manic. Yes, I wrote a lot, I drove around a lot, I acted really strange when out driving. When you are going through this shit…………….yes it is. – you are trying to do what you can to get your stalkers to listen, document what you can, try to get other people to see what you can see. Then, came the slide into depression………………
  • I had been handling ALL the moving prep on my own. Overseeing the repairs, having things removed from the yard, watering our huge yard………………The night before we were moving our things out. I couldn’t deal with the thought of trying to meet the movers. I couldn’t understand how I could do this. I had been depressed, on the couch looking at the clock.
  • My sister and counselor got me into a hospital. Same building as before run by different group. I faked that I was okay after three days and was released (also in another post). Came home, but sister knew I wasn’t okay. This time in for a 14 day hold 5250. After 10 days I was “well” enough to come home. Oh. A person can be admitted to a mental hospital if s/he cannot take care of herself. You can no longer function and you can’t take care of yourself.
  • Part III is now. But why not when I was subbing? Why not last year? I had a full time job. What changed? Why this year, but not last year? What “evidence” did someone manage to accrue? Only thing I know is hate can lead someone to make anything happen. That’s what I believe.

Mental Health 101: What You Don’t Know About Hospital Admission – Survivors and Vigilante Stalkers


Depression isn’t about feeling sad. It’s about feeling nothing – a nothingness. Significant anxiety is about being worried about everything. Everything. The only relief from either is to go to sleep. You go through the motions waiting to go to bed, knowing that tomorrow it starts all over again.

I learn so much when I am out and about. It dawned on me today that most people know that you are not admitted to a mental facility unless you are considered a threat to yourself or others. But, you probably don’t know that if you cannot take care of yourself – you can be admitted because that means you are a threat to yourself. You cannot drive, buy yourself food, you sit on the couch all day watching the clock – tick, tock. And with me, add on insomnia where you feel ev er y mo ment.  You have stayed on your pills faithfully – but have an episode anyway. Through some sort of miracle, my eldest sister has been able to be there for me before and after.

For some reason by the time I am at the hospital, I think I am dying. I know I am dying. My organs are gradually shutting down. I don’t care what the blood pressure reading is. It’s not accurate. Transported to the hospital. Supposed to sleep and there are people coming in the room with flashlights skulking low to try not to wake you – every 10-20 minutes – depending. And I was feeling ev er y mo ment.

So – admitted under a 5150 or 72 hours. You have to follow a routine. I got to see the worst psychologist ever. He was a blowhard. Liked to hear himself talk. I walked out on him. I have never walked out on anyone – ever. But, I was not going to sit there and listen to a blowhard.

I faked being okay and even though everyone is worried, I am set free. For a short time. My sister is driving me home and I have no interest in anything……………..bells are going off in her head. I didn’t want to eat, didn’t care. She called the police. That’s what you do when you have an adult who needs help and won’t move. I was given a choice: go to the hospital in the cruiser or ambulance. I chose the ambulance. Hmmm. Maybe I should have chosen the cruiser.

Here I go again. Always, some poor officer gets the job of watching you – because you are a threat to yourself or others. Sits in a chair and sits in a chair and sits in a chair.

5250 14 days. Wow! Sounds like I must have done something terrible. No, I lied my way out when I wasn’t ready. Round two. I was lucky to get in the same hospital. You never know where in the Bay Area you might end up. They have to find a bed for you. So, here I am dying again and at one point I just refused to do anything – talk, eat, take meds. I sat in the common room. Would not move. Finally went to my room. It took a fantastic nurse to get me to cooperate. She told me exactly what would happen if I didn’t. Did not hold a detail back. Oh,        okay.

Have to have some sort of hearing at the hospital. On different meds, but not on any serotonin. That was a mistake, but maybe not. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise. Broke my ankle and had an angel as my main caregiver. My second care giver turned out to be the sister of my old boss. That was a blessing in disguise also. 11 months of hell – not feeling anything, but anxious over everything. Until I tell my doctor that I think I need serotonin. It worked. 1 month later I was driving down to So Cal for my parents’ 70th.

(It was truly a family miracle that I went to my daughters’ college graduation. Truly, truly, truly.)

Now the other part the Vigilante Stalkers don’t know (except for some). I tell my ex I am getting a divorce in April of 2012. From mid October 2012 until I can no longer work in April, I am harassed relentlessly. This had a different feel to it. More like it was coordinated. More evil. Harassment by fewer but on steroids. Home, work, car…………….this was when the book “Murder by Christmas” was left on my bed with a long strange leash like thing left on the bookcase. I am working, doing a program for 2nd year teachers, and going through hell. Then, more of you start up. I still have the “crazy” emails that I was sending everyone.

When someone is being pushed like this, they start looking crazy because they are trying to figure it out, get back some control.

Now. This information probably doesn’t even matter because of what I know………….does it?

Why wasn’t this going on last year? Or the year before when I was substituting?

Question – Who broke HIPAA laws or an oath or whatever?

Statement – There ARE people who do not want to see this die because they use this for their own gain. I guarantee you.

You Shall Not Follow a Crowd to do Evil – Exodus 23:2

Exodus 23:2: You Shall Not Follow A Crowd To Do Evil

I would normally NOT copy a whole document that someone wrote, but Nathan put into words many concepts that I have been thinking. I am stymied each day that supposedly good people are committing crimes: lying, stealing, deceiving, slander, stealing, assault, stalking, harassment………….This cannot be in the name of the Lord……Some of you, if not many feel that you are special, above the rest. So self assured that you can make the judgement and skirt our judicial system.

by Nathan Albright

Exodus 23:2: You Shall Not Follow A Crowd To Do Evil

Frequently in the media there are apparent wrongs like the recent Treyvon Martin case [1] (or, before that, the Casey Anthony case [2]). Not that the temptation for vigilante justice is anything new. In one of Abraham Lincoln’s first speeches, the Lyceum Address [3], was devoted in large part to condemning vigilante justice. Being a person of similarly Whiggish principles, including a horror at rash and instant judgment and a desire for evidence-based reasoning rather than knee-jerk emotionalism, I share the concerns of Abraham Lincoln for the rise of vigilante sentiments that I see in modern society, and view it as bother dangerous and heretical.

It is my intention today to comment on a particular Biblical law, and as is my fashion, apply it to our own situation and examine how our own action may lead us to violate this law because of our own blind adoption of the corrupt views of our culture. It is noteworthy that the Bible strongly condemns vigilante justice, and it is important that we ourselves understand why. Exodus 23:2 reads: “You shall not follow a crowd to do evil; nor shall you testify in a dispute so as to turn aside after many to pervert justice.”

The Bible is stern against vigilante justice and mob rule. There are very strict evidentiary and judicial principles that govern biblical trials. There is to be no bias either for or against the poor or rich, but rather a concern for fair testimony (see Exodus 23:3, for example), and harsh condemnation of bribery (see Exodus 23:7, for example). Moreover, there was a very strict requirement that cases be based on multiple witnesses with very harsh judgment for those who were false witnesses (see Deuteronomy 19:15-21).

The Bible takes justice very seriously. Judgment is not a matter for people whipped up emotionally by overinflated rhetoric, but rather a matter for a sober examination of the evidence, including eyewitness testimony, before coming to a judgment. Let us not deceive ourselves into assuming that simply because we closely follow and trust a given television or internet source of news that we are getting any kind of genuine knowledge of the facts in a given dispute. All too often we choose sources of news that already reflect our own personal biases, and then we uncritically accept the judgments of those sources as the truth when in reality it is greatly (if not completely) interpretation. We ought to remain humble in the face of our ignorance of the facts, rather than presume to know more than we do, given the biased source of most of our raw material for judgments.

Determining the truth is often a matter that takes time and deliberation. Even where our beliefs and opinions may be right, it is very easy to be wrong in the way we express or judge because we may lack a sufficiently complete picture. Even worse, the uncritical way we often accept the biases of our trusted sources (and the equally uncritical way we reject those sources we do not trust because of the perspectives and biases which we can easily see in them, without sifting and weighing the evidence fairly) leads us very quickly into faulty and rushed actions as a result of our misguided opinions built on foundations of quicksand and not on the rock of truth.

Mobs are not the sort of groups of people that can be trusted to make sound decisions. Mobs in general are motivated by exceptionally fierce but often exceptionally mistaken emotional reasoning. They tend to view people and situations in too great a black and white way, making honest mistakes appear in the most sinister light, and ignoring the culpability that exists from those they consider victims and martyrs. And their ferocious certainty in the veracity of their (often misguided) judgments makes them immune to facts and evidence, which they dismiss out of hand because it does not correspond to their own biased and warped reasoning.

In order to make proper judgments we must be critical but also just. We must recognize our own biases and personal tendencies, be attentive to the way in which the information we receive from others contains specific biases and perspectives, but not be so critical that we dismiss the truth that is contained in such accounts simply because it has a bias or a perspective that we are not sympathetic with. We must also be humble in the face of the fact that we simply don’t know the full story and ought not to pretend to know the whole story, which gives us a greatly misguided confidence in our very fallible judgments.

Likewise, we who claim a believe in divine justice ought not to be so quick to condemn others on such flimsy grounds as the gossip and rumor and slander that makes up the majority of our sources of information. If we believe in a God that does know all and that will right wrongs, we ought not to be so ferociously hostile to what we view of as miscarriages of justice, especially because even our own very fallen justice system depends largely on jurors who have a solemn charge to convict only when belief in the guilt of a suspect is beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a high standard to meet, and one that many jurors seem not to take as seriously as they should.

We therefore ought not to be quick to condemn, especially when we know ourselves and our own actions to have been slandered and taken out of context and given all sorts of fallacious and nasty motives attached to it. Those of us who have been accused maliciously of deeds ought to know that others as well can be slandered as well, and therefore to gather information in a fair matter, apportioning blame in a fair fashion, and not being quick to join in a lynch mob to harm those who may in fact be innocent, or at least not as guilty as we believe them to be. After all, if we slander or condemn the innocent, because we have taken insufficient attention to actually getting as much of the whole truth about a situation as possible, we become evildoers ourselves and come under the judgment of both God and man. Let us therefore strive to be just judges, and to recognize that our fallible judgments may place us under condemnation if we are unwary.




Are Religions That Place a Very, Very High Importance on Prayer and Conformity More Likely to Judge Persons With Mental Illnesses as Less Holy? But, Religious Vigilante Stalkers Won’t Read This.

Don’t get me wrong. I think prayer can be very powerful. But, I have been wondering how highly religious people view mental illness. Is it a character flaw, a lack of belief in God, not praying enough? The three previous reasons could actually have a VERY negative affect on any loved one suffering with a mental illness. Like telling someone with a heart condition that s/he didn’t pray enough and that is what caused the heart condition.

I was just searching for articles to answer my question. The article I found happened to be written by someone who is Mormon. He’s relieved because in 2013, someone high up in the church talked about struggling with a mental illness. His hope was that this would change the attitudes of those of his faith. I am guessing that attitudes could be similar among other religious groups.


2013, 2013!!! Really? This is what happens when religion (any religion) has people focus so much on the religion and not growth that involves understanding issues unless it comes from the “church”. Stifling. This is what I mean when I make the sign of a puppet. Think people. Considering the evil in this world I think you are naive when it comes to what someone would do to destroy someone. Seriously naive.

Before there were controls regarding committing someone to a mental hospital involuntarily, it was not unheard of for relatives to place someone in mental institutions based on what they said (yes, people with mental health issues do have rights). Years back, a man only had to say that his wife was unstable and “voila” there she went – yes, many years back for it to be that easy, but still……………….. Why are there more women than men who are targeted. That makes no sense at all – given the statistics. But, no one should be a target.

Try having bipolar disorder or any other mental illness when you are around people who think it is a failing in your character or religious practice. If you have diabetes I believe people would understand that praying is not going to help your diabetes – might give you many, many benefits (mind, body connection), but you need to understand the workings of the body. Same with bipolar disorder. In my case – my body must not produce serotonin or it produces very little.That is the depression part. I don’t even know if “they” understand the root problem of bipolar.

I do know that it tends to “run” in families. Though, it can be found in people with no incidences of bipolar disorder in the family. Jane Pauley had bipolar triggered by some sort of medical treatment. I bought an $80 book and got on the phone to find out all I could about possible family connections. One cousin, on my dad’s side, had just been diagnosed. He is quite a bit older than I am. He had very creative ideas, but could never follow through with them. Let’s see: a  cousin’s son, possibly an aunt, paternal grandmother had a “nervous breakdown” so that could be bipolar. Even if someone mostly displays depression, it can be bipolar disorder. This is why, if “regular” M.D.s are going to prescribe anti depressants, they need to have at least one course on mental health. Just taking an anti depressant can trigger mania in some people.

It took me describing my one year battle with significant depression to get my current doctor to really understand that I HAVE to take an antidepressant. He was being cautious. Even my doctor of 19 years forgot that I was depressed the two times I was in the hospital. There is no “one size fits all” guide to bipolar disorder.

But, most of you will not read this. Be told not to read this, told not to listen to me. Ignorance is bliss. No, it leads to a lot of needless suffering.

UPDATE: Red Rover, Red Rover, Let ____________ Come Over (insert name of Gang Stalker driving red car in the blank)


How many red, maroon, plum cars can you gather? Not as many red as black cars. How about red, yellow and orange. That sounds like fun!

Bipolar News: “Other DBSA bipolar disorder statistics from 2000 shows that people with the disorder suffer through as long as 10 years of coping with symptoms before getting diagnosed accurately……Only 1 person in 4 receives an accurate diagnosis in less than 3 years!” I count my blessings. From onset (March 1997 – age: 42), to diagnosis and ruling out medical causes was about 5-6 months. At the first sign of a symptom that was more than “a floaty head feeling (more from anxiety)”, I was on the phone to my doctor. Unfortunately, I could not handle the side effects of lithium. Let’s just say if anything cause someone gastrointestinal problems it would be me. Depakote was chosen and I gained 50 pounds. I was famished and could not leave the house without something so eat.  (varies – I would say about 2%)

UPDATE: May Cars

UPDATE: Rest of June Cars. Wow, colored text. More cars seen out and about.

Seriously, will someone have a talk with the “gentleman” (youngish I am guessing) about a decoration on his car. Funny, but not appropriate. 

Oops. Posting a few more than once. Has to be an easier way.

Well, computer woes. More to come.

Moving on:

I purposely reposted some of these pictures. To get a sense of what the one car looks like, I needed to post them in a different order.

More to come.

Okay – red cars that I have seen out and about. Just interesting cars. Cannot say anything special about them. To do so would be nuts, looney, crazy……………..


To say that I was severely harassed on Washington Street between the library and the intersection of Washington and McDowell would be nuts also. Right? This was yesterday, July 9, 2017.


To think that I was such an easy going child. I would go on a car trip and would look out the window for hours. Taking in the scenery. Though the trip from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in (gasp!) Utah to somewhere in the Bay Area about did me in. We would see trash cans along the freeway in the desert and would celebrate. That was B.C. and before off roading – so earlier 20s.


I guess I am not such a quiet adult. Though I do remember being challenged to a fight after school. I showed up, but the other girl didn’t. I stuttered at the city council meetings in Corona when our Neighborhood Watch group was pushing for a stop sign (and won). Didn’t keep me from making my voice heard (was paired with a lazy student and we acted out a scene from a famous play – always overly conscientious, this not being able to do the scene with the numbskull, must have caused the stuttering in front of official groups. I got over that years ago.


I know you’ll excuse the repeats. I like to look at the whole product that I am producing at once. That is the only thing that I (really, really) dislike about using a computer.


I think those were only the random red care pictures of June and July. Oh my! Too cute of a bunny. I realized that after I posted these pics that I picture scared rabbits as you hop away because you don’t want to be seen behind your KKK masks (hats, hoods, sunglasses, cars, lights, arms, elbows, hair flipping, nose picking, face scratching……………………as you have observed, that has really affected my memory for details. No………….I’m not great with faces, but if I focus and can tie a face to someone I already know…….I’m set. No that those tactics work. I can often see what I need to anyway).   I started teaching in 1977. By then, we didn’t have kids running through to break a chain. At least I didn’t. Yeah – 1977. One year before most people my age would have started. My parents said they would pay for 4 years of college. I finished getting my diploma December 1976 and had my credential by May 1977.

Oooh, Aaah. NOT. Getting Closer and Closer to the TRUTH – Gangstalkers Push and Push and Push. Yes!

White Cars at Leghorn Park

Prequel: I almost forgot the most important part. Some of you truly believe you are ridding the world of evil. Read the Bible, particularly the teachings of Jesus Christ. Then study the laws regarding stalking.

I talked to a lady yesterday. She was talking about the news. Said that she didn’t pay attention to the news, but read her Bible. She feels that the end of the world is coming as predicted. Fine, but is she one of those doling out an executioner’s sentence without having any idea what a modern trial would look like? Would someone like her hear, “Bipolar”, hospitalization, teacher” and be convinced that there is a  problem if another part of a sentence was added. I have NO DOUBT that she would believe what she is told. Because she knows no difference and probably belongs to a religious group that delves deeply into the Bible, but not in today’s reality.

How many out there know that this whole charade is bogus? That is is being done because: I know as much as anyone can about Vigilante Stalking; because I am the target of someone from my past or two someone’s past; to protect a church and maybe church leaders.

There is NO justification under the U.S. laws or “Christianity” for this type of mob justice. NONE! Our justice system’s foundation is based on “innocent until proven guilty”. PERIOD. You have a problem? Spend the same amount of time and gas money trying to get some things changed…………………people in the “biz” say there is nothing to be done. OH WELL. I am serious. NO ONE IN THIS Country has the right to take the law into his own hands. NO MATTER WHO IS RUNNING THE SHOW. That is wrong and distorted thinking. Why else would you hide your faces and run like rabbits if I might record your plates? The justice system is set up so hopefully people who are framed will not be “hung”, so that motives behind such framing can at least be looked at. Who? Well, one law group seems to be popping up, one religious group or more have really good reasons for this gangstalking to continue to be known as a myth and not be connected with killing many people. Think puppets!


Today, I was surrounded by dark blue and black vehicles (mostly trucks) on Washington between the library and where Washington has the two left turn lanes that go onto McDowell. Oh geez! The puppetmeister put out a call for black and dark blue vehicles. Then the ants converged.

I was wondering why the totally off the charts push by these Vigilantes/Gangstalkers: out of towners, people off the 101……….started with certain groups and then grew and grew.  I drove around by myself for a few minutes and it hit: Oh, I’ve been getting too close to the truth. YES! Possible reasons:

  • My comment regarding church “groups” representing a church and school “groups” representing schools hit home. Not to mention that I am a person with a disability…………harassment at work takes on a whole new look. (I can’t believe that in 2017, I have to play the disability card – not that I should want to or need to……………..???)
  • Do most of these people have some sort of connection to a church that is involved? Are there an unusually large amount of people in certain occupations from fairly strict religious backgrounds and/or narrow viewed backgrounds?
  • Maybe a few people are starting to listen to me.
  • I know more about this harassment than almost anyone else. The higher ups can’t let me talk about this. You might think you are Vigilante Stalking, but when someone is controlling the agenda, it is Gang Stalking.
  • I am not afraid to name places and dates (like Kaiser, Leghorn Park, Sebastopol, Petaluma……………). OR post pictures.
  • People are “bugged” by my asking the hard questions and/or telling the truth: “Why?” “Why are you trying to kill me?”Using signs to bring up the KKK, Civil Rights, East Germany and Nazis. Yes, this is JUST like what the Nazis did to people, they just didn’t use so many people to carry it off. The KKK wore hoods instead of hiding behind steering wheels. They did hide behind darkness. They didn’t bother with a judge or jury.  They went right to executioner.
  • This is just a realization – off topic. Someone had to break HIPAA laws or some other protected information for anyone to know about my 10 days in 2013 – which was because I was 100% positive that I was dying……………..faked being okay after 3 days, sister knew I wasn’t when we got to my apartment and back I went. So, was that technically a 5250, Yes. How many of you have had relatives who had a “nervous break down”? That is what they used to call needing help from depression. So, what story was made of that? If you can’t take care of yourself at all, you are a danger to oneself. At least that has been accepted.
  • After nine months there ARE people who are asking why am I doing so well? OR, maybe my question about why not in 2015-2016 school year? THAT makes no sense at all. Unless you look at a map……….where I worked was highly isolated. There probably no teachers who would have gone along with this idiotic practice.


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